In addition to dependability and friendly service, the PCB quality of our products is of primary concern to us. This begins as soon as your data arrives, with our comprehensive Design Rule Check.

As the PCB boards are manufactured, and also after they are complete, we subject them to strict tests and checks:

  • E-Test
  • A.O.I. – Test (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • X-ray (check registration accuracy for multilayers)
  • Impedance control

For technical reasons, our testing of SMD stencils is limited to an optical (sight) check and verification of manufacturing tolerances.

Toroidal transformers are checked both optically and electronically; checks include the open-circuit and disruptive voltage, the length of the litz wires, and sufficient overlapping of the isolation foil.

Additional information

  • Overview of technical options
  • Design-Aid
  • Overview of circuit board materials